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Panther Precision Arms Training, LLC (PPAT) provides firearms training to law enforcement agencies as well as to law-abiding citizens in our community who want to take their shooting skills to the next level.

Here at Panther Precision Arms Training it all starts with the instructors. You will receive your training from its staff of certified and highly trained and experienced professionals. We are dedicated to providing high quality professional instruction and training at an affordable cost.  We provide courses for handgun, shotgun, carbine rifle and precision rifle. We offer comprehensive training in each of these firearm disciplines. Our courses are geared toward proven practical application. Many of the tactical techniques law enforcement use are the same techniques and principals you need to keep you and your family safe. 

We also provide women only courses. They have proven to be a hit with ladies who are new to shooting or prefer a testosterone free training experience.  

In addition we also provide private courses that can be custom designed to meet each individuals firearms training needs.

Each and every person who chooses to own a firearm, whether for the purpose of self-defense or for sport/recreation, has a responsibility to your family, the community and yourself to be properly trained. Choose to be trained by the PROFESSIONALS here at PPAT!  

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Panther Precision Arms Training

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