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                                               DIM LIGHT

                     ZOMBIE SURVIVAL COURSE

                                   The best low light training is done in                                         low light and that’s exactly where this training takes place. This exciting new course designed by staff here at Panther Precision Arms puts a new and exciting spin on this imperative tactical training.

This low light training course will cover techniques utilized to overcome the pitfalls that come with engaging the criminal element under the cover of darkness with an exciting new twist.

This course will cover numerous low light shooting techniques with both dim and no light range exercises. Where most courses of this type end that is where this course just gets started with the new “Zombie Survival Course.”


Zombie Survival Course is a strategy guide about surviving a zombie attack or zombie apocalypse. If the zombie apocalypse happened right now would you be prepared? This course gives the shooter the training needed to survive the attack in a fun and thrilling new way.

1. Handgun w/ Holster (Duty Gear if Applicable)
2. Three magazines 
3. Hand held flashlight (tailcap or side button)
4. Ammunition - 300 rounds

Course Length: 4 hours
Course Cost: $135.00
Course Student Limit: 8
      The Warriors Mindset

    Legal Self-Defense for Women

Self-Defense is more than knowing how to fight back against a physical attack. Self-Defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully prevent, escape, resist and survive violent assaults.

Our staff is prepared to bring these skills to you, your company, civic group or organization.

Course Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $65.00



    New for 2012 PPAT training schedule is the Two Man Team Tactics Course. Whether you are coming home with your wife for the evening and your home is being burglarized or while working your beat with your shift partner you respond to a burglary in progress It is well known that the most common size element is the two man team. Special consideration and tactics need to be incorporated to maximize the efficiency of this small but very effective team. This program is essential for all personnel who work with a partner. This two man team class is a very challenging and fast paced training course that focuses on the employment of two man teams to operate in unison with each other to locate, identify, close on and neutralize threats.

Course Length: 6 hours
Course Cost: $275.00
Course Student Limit: 8

• Refinement of Individual Skills
• Verbal Communication
• Coordinated Fires
• Two Man Fire and Movement
• Two Man Structure Clearing Techniques
• TMT Immediate Action Drills
• Transition Drills
• Weapon Retention

1. Handgun w/ Holster (Duty Gear if Applicable)
2. Carbine / Rifle with sling
3. Two magazines minimum each
4. Ammunition - 350 pistol and 450 rifle rounds

NOTE – You and your teammate must have attended at a minimum DHII to attend this training program. You may utilize a shotgun if you wish – as long as prior notice is given.